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Octane Booster Comparison Test


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Octane Booster Comparison Test

DYNO-TAB®  High Performance Octane Booster was awarded runner-up of the acclaimed New Product Award at the Automotive Aftermarket Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas in 2005. It was the first time any product had received such a distinction at AAPEX other than the overall winner. Core Laboratories in Houston, Texas tested this product against similar products in a standard ASTM D-2699 Octane Test and the results speak for themselves. Adding 2 tablets of Dyno-tab® Octane Booster to readily available petrol resulted in a massive 17 point increase! It definitely “beats the bottled boosters!”



Ford Focus 1.6D – Was getting 870km per tank without, now returning an extra 80-100km per tank.
Ford Transit 2.4D – Was getting 30mpg, now up to 34/35mpg on average. Van has more power!
Audi A4 Diesel – average cost €93.00 to fill the tank. Minimum saving 10% (tablet cost €2.00) net saving €7.30 per tank.
Toyota Landcruiser D4D, mileage improved from 26mpg to 31mpg. Great savings!
Nissan Nivara Diesel – Running much smoother and mpg increased from 32mpg on average to 36mpg.


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